2013 Creative Direction, Fashion Photography

Water could soon be a commodity. War continues, irrationally. Media is on the pulse of political scandals. Vital species for our existence are disappearing.

This series of photos sees clashing forces coming together in unity to build strength; working together to reinvigorate a positive and sustainable way of being and overcome that which could possibly bring an end.

I chose to work with the entities of the coyote and doe, predator and pray, to express the yin and yang philosphy. Placing these fairytale-esque models in an industrial setting further shows this. The result is beauty and synergy, as I imagine would result from a collective conscious.

Creative Direction/Wardrobe: Sage Paul
Photography: John Ball (www.johnballphoto.com)
Makeup/Hair: Valentina Dang (www.valentinadang.com), Desiree Savino
Models: Skye Paul, Alexandria Benoit