Dear colleagues, friends, family and world!

Welcome to my new site – my temporary attempt at having a small presence online prior to the official launch of my label, Sage Paul. I’m excited to announce the celebration will take place on August 5, 8PM at  Oz Studios (134 Ossington Ave).

The launch will feature a small end of summer women’s collection, where models will lounge in a kitschy, romantic setting with you – I’ll get to the details of the designs in a later release tomorrow. Photography and jewelry by local designers and artists will complement the show-offs, and of course music, dancing, food and drinks. Announcements about the future of the label, Sage Paul, will include news about its website (this one), its upcoming Cardigan Collection and its 2012 Fall/Winter Collection, for men and women.

The launch is guest-list only, so please contact to have yourself and your guest added.  I look forward to seeing you!