With only two more sleeps ahead of me, a bit more work, and a ton of logistical things, I am just over the moon that the Synaptic City show at Harbourfront’s Planet IndigenUS is on Friday!  In case you haven’t read my previous blogs, and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about details are here: mid-creation, info blog post or on Facebook.

I am mostly excited to see all of the pieces of this show come together, because that’s what I love most about doing this is that I am only a piece of a larger picture.  Right now there are multiple people working on all kinds of aspects of the Show, and going to check it all out in review is making it more and more of a reality for me.

The other day I got to see the choreography that Justin Manyfingers  has been creating, and it is beautiful.  I wanted to cry I was so happy.  When we first went into this project, we met a few times to discuss the theme, what it meant to us, and how we were going to interpret it.  Working with Justin has been more of a bonding experience – we’re both super busy, so our communication has been so important for the show, especially since every little thing in each of our areas affects the other. I am very much looking forward to working with him again in the future.  It’s been fun, rewarding and eyeopening.

THEN, Bear Witness sent us (me and Justin) some of the music for the show.  Again, he took to heart the idea behind the collection and has been creating a set that is in line with the clothing, but also with the choreography.  Seriously, getting direction from both the designer and the choreographer must be like getting pulled from both arms in opposite directions – Justin and I are both working with talent (dancers vs. models) that move at different paces, and having to work with opposing tempo’s at key times must be interesting, to say the least.  But he is managing to take it all in so that we can both visualize the show in movement.

Today Gabi of Red Pepper Spectacle Arts came by to pick up some of the mirrored plexi for the set design.  I’ve worked with Gabi a few times and every time I am inspired by her creations, her imagination and all around energy. Again, taking in the whole vision of the show she’s created a really cool set that encapsulates it, different worlds that the models and dancers can seamlessly move between.

All this is going on, in addition to catching a 24hr bug, working a full time job at our busiest time (minus being sick today), keeping everyone in the show updated through tons of emails, and finishing up the collection! Oh, I’ve also enlisted my sister to be my personal assistant for the next 48 hours (the beauty of having a teenaged sibling), my mom is running errands, numerous friends have been in and out of my studio and home helping me piece together each of the wearable art pieces (while i attempt to, using power tools is not one of my fortes and putting jump loops on hundreds of pieces of mirrored plexi is not a fast job, especially since time is no longer on my side), the texts and calls I get from people I love with  high fives and encouragement that keep me going, and… that’s it for my run on sentence.  The point being, the communal creation and production of this show is wonderful and I am so grateful and excited to be able to share it this Friday!!

Where: Harbourfront Centre, Red Path Stage
Address: 235 Queens Quay West
When: August 17
Time: 7PM
bring a blanket to sit on and enjoy the show :)
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About the Show

Sheer and Dark, skimming with vibrant colour, dancing prints and fluttering light, the Synaptic City 2012 collection explores the acknowledgement of tradition, the value of reinterpretation and a curiosity for our shared cultures. Sage’s desire is to bring these ideals into a modern movement of appreciation and balance.  Looking to the construction of traditional Pow Wow regalia and the styling of 1970s glamour, with choreography by Justin Manyfingers of Soulpepper and music by Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red, Synaptic City is a fusion of migrating cultures in sync. At Planet IndigenUS, Sage will present the collection’s wearable art counterpart which uses mirrored plexiglass, monochromatic shades and light reflection.