Synaptic City

2012 Fall Collection

Synaptic City is a crossroads of culture through an existence of tradition, the value of reinterpretation and a curiosity for convening. The desire is to bring these ideals into a 21st century movement of appreciation and balance. Looking to the construction of traditional Pow Wow regalia and the styling of 1970s glamour, Synaptic City is a fusion of moving cultures in sync through fashion and wearable art.

The Synaptic City Collection exhibited at Planet IndigenUS 2012, where its wearable-art counterpart was premiered. Working with mirrored plexiglass, each piece created a reflection of past and present, where each dancer and fashion model would acknowledge and share their being. A reflection of contemporary and traditional intersection.
Performed by a group of dancers put together by choreographer Justin Manyfingers, and Indigenous fashion models, the looks were woven throughout the show with the ready-to-wear collection with music compiled by Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red.

This collection was a collaborative effort: See who was involved!

(Sage Paul, 2012)

*image: Synaptic City Shawl in choreography at Planet IndigenUs (Photo: Red Works Studio,

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