Synaptic City – Fall/Winter 2012
The second collection from fashion designer, Sage Paul

Synapse /syn·apse/ (sin´aps) n.
The junction between two nerve cells, where an impulse is transmitted from one to another

Gladstone Hotel, Ball Room
1214 Queen Street West
March 30, 7PM (doors), 8PM (show)

Tickets $10 at door, cash only
first-come, first-served

Sage Paul and all jewelry designers are available for interviews.

(Toronto, March 15, 2012)  Emerging designer Sage Paul showcases her Fall/Winter 2012 collection “Synaptic City” by unveiling sophistication at a cultural crossroads.

Sheer and dark, skimming with vibrant colour and dancing prints, this collection explores the acknowledgement of tradition, the value of reinterpretation and curiosity about our shared cultures. Ms. Paul’s desire is to bring these ideals into a 21st century movement of appreciation and balance.  Looking to the construction of traditional Pow Wow regalia and the styling of 1970s glamour, Synaptic City is a fusion of moving cultures in sync.

“It is disheartening to know about past prohibitions of various Indigenous practices,” says Sage Paul. “But as I witness a renewal of once-forbidden traditions and the beginning of new ones, I feel excited to be in this diverse city where there is an openness to learning about each other. This collection is about the beauty found in that collaborative spirit.”

Hosted by actress Cherish Blood, the Fashion Show also includes two men’s looks from fashion-guru Jason Ryle, executive director at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, and works by local jewelry designers: Louise Solomon, Barbra Nahwegahbow, Erin Konsmo, Paul Carlos and Aimee Rochard. Following the fashion show, guests will be treated to an intimate performance by trip hop/eclectic soul singer IsKwe (is-kway) followed by hip-shaking local DJs.

About Sage Paul

Sage Paul offers bold, classic and chic ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for men and women that are Indigenous-made and –inspired.  Sage Paul presents an accurate image of urban Indigenous people in mainstream fashion, thereby contributing to a greater understanding of the contemporary Indigenous lifestyle. Through its street wear blog, Authentic Appropriations, Sage Paul reports on current Indigenous street wear and trends.  For more information about Sage Paul, Authentic Appropriations and commissioned designers, visit

About Iskwe

Smooth. Sultry. Salacious. Singer / songwriter IsKwé (pronounced Is-kway) has a way with words, wrapping her powerful voice around the lyrics that any femme fatal in their own right can instantly relate to. A Trip Hop / Eclectic soul singer and Canadian girl at heart, hailing from Winnipeg, IsKwé has been surrounded by creative inspiration her whole life. Growing up in a family of artists, her innate passion for all things music was nurtured from a young age. For more information about IsKwé, visit


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