I am preparing for the Synaptic City Collection‘s final show at Planet IndigenUS, where I will also be premiering its wearable-art counterpart. Working with mirrored plexiglass, I am producing six new looks (few more details about that here).  A group of dancers put together by choreographer Justin Manyfingers, the looks will be woven throughout the show with the ready-to-wear collection with music compiled by Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red.

I am now looking for volunteers for the day of the show on August 17! Some of the 12 roles I am seeking to fill include:

  • Junior Make-up Artist
  • Junior Hair Stylist
  • Stage Manager
  • Errand Runner
  • Talent Wrangler
  • Wardrobe Handler
  • 6 Model Dressers

In return I can provide you a letter of reference for future employment in event production, fashion, hair or make-up.  I can also provide you with a letter confirming your volunteer hours if you have community services hours to fill.

Finally, in return for your amazing work and contributions, I can also provide you with a FREE guest pass to the 2012 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival.

If any of the above roles seem suited for you, or if you have other skills you think would be a great addition to the team, please be in touch!  You can reach me at sagekatherine@gmail.com