My Pocahontas

mid-90s Pocahontas Nightgown, felt, .11 delica beads

A performative-style project deconstructing and reconstructing the image of Disney’s Pocahontas on my terms. I cut out and gave away patches from my nightie, asking those who lovingly accepted to tag the image in their social media feeds to build a distorted, digital quilt of Pocahontas with the hashtags #mypocahontas and #sagepaul (btw, you should check out the feeds of #mypocahontas).

As a part of “The Mending Lounge” at Craft Ontario, their statement of my work:

“Sage Pal is cutting her well-worn, childhood nightie into patches. In this poignant act, she reconstructs the image of Pocahontas through tradition and technology as she beads the cloth fragments and sends them physically and digitally into the world.”



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