Strawberry Girls Spring Collection – New Sage Paul Collection at the Spring One of a Kind Show –TICKET GIVEAWAY

Through the Thunderbird Marketplace I will be at the Spring One of a Kind Show (#OOAKS14) in Toronto. When I applied I’d already been thinking about what my spring collection would be about and I was excited to share it at #OOAKS14. This is the Strawberry Girls Spring Collection, a reminisce of my Berry Fast.

Inspiration – from food to fasting

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Two more sleeps!

With only two more sleeps ahead of me, a bit more work, and a ton of logistical things, I am just over the moon that the Synaptic City show at Harbourfront’s Planet IndigenUS is on Friday!  In case you haven’t read my previous blogs, and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about details are here: mid-creation, info blog post or on Facebook. Continue reading “Two more sleeps!”

Seeking Volunteers for Planet IndigenUS Fashion Show – get a free guest pass to imagineNATIVE 2012

I am preparing for the Synaptic City Collection‘s final show at Planet IndigenUS, where I will also be premiering its wearable-art counterpart. Working with mirrored plexiglass, I am producing six new looks (few more details about that here).  A group of dancers put together by choreographer Justin Manyfingers, the looks will be woven throughout the show with the ready-to-wear collection with music compiled by Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red. Continue reading “Seeking Volunteers for Planet IndigenUS Fashion Show – get a free guest pass to imagineNATIVE 2012”

The Synaptic City Collection Debuts its Wearable Art Counterpart at Planet IndigenUS – August 17, 7PM

While I manage, research and create, the date of the Sage Paul show nears. What started out last fall as only ideas of migration, time and gathering, has evolved into the collaborative collection Synaptic City, involving jewelry designers, make-up and hair artists, models, dancers, choreographers, photographers, advisors, graphic designers, sew-ers, drafters, interior designers, music guru’s, writers, etc. etc.  A talented group of peoples who have all made The Collection come to life – it is very humbling to be a part of something so grand!

Before the Synaptic City Collection goes on sale this fall, its final debut with its wearable-art counterpart will show at the 2012 Planet IndigenUS festival on August 17 at 7PM at the Red Path Stage at Harbourfront Centre (details here). This is seriously a true honour and one I am forever grateful for! My work-family got our Planet IndigenUS catalogues delivered last week and I was shocked to see my name in it! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my name in a catalogue (that I didn’t produce), and a photo to boot!  It all made me pretty giddy, and can’t lie, I may have jumped a little, and perhaps a little dance too. The Collection and the show will be full of life, I can’t wait!

For the wearable art collection, I’ve decided to go back to basics with design while still looking through a high-fashion filter.  Working mostly monochromatically I’m intrigued by the use of light and reflection for this component.  The idea of using a natural element, like light, that can bring life to all those within it seems to be at the root of The Collection’s purpose – a synapse, a space to bring people/animals/cells together, to gather.  Mirrored plexiglass is the feature material of this collection, a material I’ve never used before, but have huge expectations for.

Loading in the mirrored plexiglass – Warehouse to Fashionhouse

Synaptic City: Wearable Art Collection by Sage Paul
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About the Collection
Sheer and Dark, skimming with vibrant colour, dancing prints and fluttering light, this collection explores the acknowledgement of tradition, the value of reinterpretation and a curiosity for our shared cultures. Ms. Paul’s desire is to bring these ideals into a modern movement of appreciation and balance.  Looking to the construction of traditional Pow Wow regalia and the styling of 1970s glamour, with choreography by Justin Manyfingers and music by Bear Witness, Synaptic City is a fusion of migrating cultures in sync.

About Sage Paul (Design)
Sage Paul’s unique perspective for fashion has evolved since starting work in the Toronto Indigenous arts community in 2004, an urban community that is vibrant and outspoken and one that Sage finds incredible inspiration from.  Exploring fashion through cultural and traditional lenses–Indigenous and Western–Sage seeks to tell her story and experience as an urban Indigenous woman. Sage was a part of the photographic collective show (Re) Representation at the Art Gallery of Ontario (May 2009) and has worked in wardrobe with filmmakers Danis Goulet (Divided by Zero, 2006), Shane Belcourt (imagineNATIVE Trailer, 2008) and Kent Monkman (Robin’s Hood, 2007). In March 2012, Sage released her Synaptic City Collection and will launch its wearable art counterpart at Planet IndigenUs in August 2012. Sage graduated from George Brown College’s Fashion Design program in 2006, is the Events + Communications Director at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, and sits on the Board of Directors for Native Women in the Arts. Sage grew up in Toronto; she is Dene (Patuanak, SK) and a member of the English River First Nation.

About the commissioned jewelry designers
Sage Paul commissions accessory and jewelry designers for each annual collection.  The Synaptic City Collection included five designers who work with diverse materials: Aimee Rochard, Barb Nahwegahbow, Erin Marie Konsmo, Louise Solomon, and Trip Phoenix. Full biographies for each designer can be found here: Jewelry Designer’s Bio’s

About Justin Many Fingers (Choreography)
Justin Many Fingers is a singer, actor and dancer from Lavern Kainai Blackfoot reserve located in southern Alberta. Justin is a graduate of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre Summer training program as well as the three-year acting conservatory. Justin has trained in numerous dance styles with Jock Sotto (American Ballet), Neil Leremia (Black Grace), Santee Smith (Kahawi), as well as Bill Coleman, Penny Couchie, Alejandra Ronceria and Amanda Chaboyer. He has also attended the Banff Centre’s Indigenous Dance Residence, Toronto Dance Theatre’s Summer Intensive and Kahawi Dance Theatre’s training program. Selected theatre credits include David (Red Romance, dir. Muriel Miguel), Boyd (Red Moon, dir. Marion de Vries), Coyote (Coyote City dir. Rose Stella) and Andy (Potato Foot, dir. Imelda Villalon). Justin is currently finished  his studies at the prestigious Soulpepper Actors Academy

About Bear Witness (Music)
Bear Witness is an Ottawa-based media artist who has been producing short experimental videos for over eight years. Bear was awarded the Aboriginal International Residency Exchange in Australia by the Canada Council for the Arts. During his residency at Parramatta Artists Studios he had a solo-exhibition as part of the 2010 Sydney Festival, titled, “The Only Good NDN”.  Bear’s video The Story of Apinachie and her Redheaded Wrestler was selected for the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival, as part of the Culture Shock program. In 2008 his video “BrokeDickDog” was included in the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography exhibition Steeling the Gaze: Portraits of Aboriginal Artists hosted by the National Gallery of Canada. Bear also exhibited two videos as part of Drive By: A Road Trip with Jeff Thomas at The University of Toronto Art Centre. In 2010, Thomas collaborated with the NFB on a video project to remix films from the NFB archive. Bear also produces live audio-visual performances and  co-founded A Tribe Called Red, a native DJ collective who produce music internationally known as Pow Wow-step and hosts a monthly event called Electric Pow Wow.

Reminder & Sneak Preview: Synaptic City FW12

Synaptic City: Sage Paul

Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

March 30, 7PM, $10
gladstone hotel (1214 Queen West, Toronto)

RSVP at (@sagepaulfashion, #FW12)
Media? Contact us about interviews, images or the press release

About Synaptic City, a Fall/Winter Collection by Sage Paul

The Sage Paul fall/winter 2012 ready-to-wear collection is a sophisticated crossroads of culture. Paul explores the acknowledgement of tradition, the value of reinterpretation and curiosity about our shared cultures. Her desire is to bring these ideals into a 21st century movement of appreciation and balance. Looking to the construction of traditional Pow Wow regalia and the styling of 1970s glamour, Synaptic City is a fusion of moving cultures in sync.

Traditional Overcoat (Jason Ryle for Sage Paul) Breastplate Choker (Trip Phoenix for Sage Paul), Bone Bracelet (Trip Phoenix)
Photo credits:
Photography, Michael Ruszczycki
Model, Michael Solomon
Hair, Israel Garcia
Make-up, Summer Faith Garcia


Dancer Blouse (Sage Paul), Ojibwe Flower Choker (Louise Solomon for Sage Paul), Dreamcatcher Ring (Louise Solomon for Sage Paul)

Synaptic City Brings You


Designer: Sage Paul
Guest Designer: Jason Ryle
Commissioned Jewelry Designers:
Aimee Rochard
Barbra Nahwegahbow
Erin Konsmo
Louise Solomon
Trip Phoenix


Soul/Trip Hop singer/songwriter IsKwe

Additional Fun

New Designers
Good Music
Old & New Friends


Photo credits:
Photography, Michael Ruszczycki
Model, Skye Paul
Hair, Israel Garcia
Make-up, Summer Faith Garcia

Synaptic City: Sage Paul Fall/Winter 2012

Synaptic City: Sage Paul
Womens & Mens Fall/Winter 2012
March 30, 2012
Reception 7PM, Show 8PM, dancing to follow
Gladstone Hotel, Ballroom
1214 Queen St. West

Synapse /syn·apse/ (sin´aps) n.
The junction between two nerve cells, where an impulse is transmitted from one to another

There is an evolution of once-prohibited practices and the burgeoning of new traditions. The Sage Paul fall/winter 2012 collection is a sophisticated crossroads of culture. Paul explores the acknowledgement of tradition, the value of reinterpretation and curiosity about our shared cultures. Her desire is to bring these ideals into a 21st century movement of appreciation and balance. Looking to the construction of traditional Pow Wow regalia and the styling of 1970s glamour, Synaptic City is a fusion of moving cultures in sync.


It was a success!

a huge, Huge, HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to the launch this Friday – it was tres FUN!! It’s so unbelievable it’s already time to start getting the next collection in the works, and get the End of Summer collection online!

Photo Credit: Rob Lackie

I especially send thanks to all those who helped make everything a reality:

  • Sonya Allin (Website)
  • Ashae Annett (Model Support)
  • Ange Brascoupe (runner)
  • Ann Brascoupe (barback/everything)
  • Carly Brascoupe (Model)
  • Keesic Douglas (and Tek) (photography)
  • Jessica Fleming (Model)
  • Jo Fuda (venue)
  • Shawn Grey (door/everything)
  • Stewart Garnham (bar)
  • imagineNATIVE (putting up with me)
  • Skye Paul (hair/model)
  • Catherine Phillips (model styling/assistance)
  • Dagna Pielaszkiewicz (prep)
  • Sharon Rudski (Model)
  • Miika Rudski (Dog Model)
  • Jenifer Rudzki-Bonnetplume (samplemaking/support)
  • Mike Ruszczycki (art/grip)
  • Aaron Scero (decor/set)
  • Dave Shilling (Website)
  • Pj Weinert (runner)
  • Deandra Wells (make-up)
  • Sarah Yankoo (Model)

I am so very grateful for everything each of you have done, have so much respect for the talent and beauty you give to the world, and the resources you were able to pull together for me.  I love you all dearly and can’t thank you enough!!!!! xoxox

It’s almost here! – I’m seeking volunteers!

Only four days away and everything that’s been in the works will be revealed to the world! I am so excited and nervous, but I definitely can’t do it on my own.  On Friday August 5, I will need some help getting everything together and ensuring the event runs smoothly and is fun!  Not sure which event I’m referring to?  Read the release for more details.

I need eight people to help with the following tasks:

  • 1 X Set-up – There are already a couple of people on this team, which is why we only need one more hand in this area.  Setting up will start at 6PM and includes setting up decor and making any last-minute runs. Setting-up is fun, because models will also be getting hair and make-up done at the same time, giving you a sneak-peek!
  • 1 X Barback – The venue is small, so the bar team is only two! One bartender, one barback.  It’s pretty self explanatory, and if you’re looking for experience in the service industry this could add to to your resume. In addition: the bartender is super awesome and it would really mean the world to the event.
  • 2 X Model help – The models will be modelling, but not in the conventional runway sense. Therefor they will need assistance in various forms. This is a fun role to have, as it’s mostly just enjoying the event.
  • 2 X Strike – The least glamorous of the jobs – getting everything down after the event! While this may be able to happen the day after the event, assistance is greatly needed here!
  • 1 X Clean-up – The second-least glamorous of the jobs – cleaning up as the event is happening. You get to enjoy the event as it is happening, but this job is to make sure things are staying in place as the night goes on. Another integral and highly-appreciated role.
  • 1 X Door – Again, self-explanatory – you get to be bouncer (of sorts)!  Checking guests off the list as they arrive.

In thanks, I can pay everyone in food, drinks and discounts on clothes – and my utmost appreciation! If you need a reference letter for your fashion or service industry portfolio, I would be more than happy to provide that also.

If you’re available, please contact me at or 416 459 8280.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the launch!


PR: Indie Ready-to-Wear Label Launches August 5

July 28, 2011

Sage Paul
Indie ready-to-wear label launches on August 5

Indie label, Sage Paul, will launch on August 5 at 8PM at Oz Studio’s (134 Ossington Ave.), with its End of Summer collection. Headed by emerging designer Sage Paul, her designs make use of contrasting, woven textures and classic, clean lines, bringing ready-to-wear apparel to men and women who radiate sophistication and are bold in expression.

The End of Summer collection is a small women’s line including cowl skirts, swooping necklines and vintage-inspired dresses, to segue us into early fall. The collection is romantic and confident, a balance of bold and soft prints featured on flowing fabrics paired with solid denims.

Sage Paul began designing prior to graduating George Brown College’s Fashion Design program in 2006, in Toronto. She has developed a unique perspective for fashion through her work in the Toronto Indigenous arts community, an urban community that continually pushes the boundaries and challenges notions of what a “Real Indian” is. As a member, Sage gains incredible inspiration from the strong cultural expressions that she sees everyday and applies it in her art process by merging the aesthetics of old and new Indigenous life with post-industrial urban life.

“I design clothes with the place, feeling, and smells in mind; heavily influenced by culture and the past. This small collection was inspired by Toronto’s humid and hazy August days and breezy evenings that induce memories of sipping luke-warm drinks on a run-down, whimsical patio,” says Sage. “It’s incredible to know this vision will shortly come to life, and I am truly excited and honoured to be working with an amazing group of local, talented artists and designers, all of whom I have known for some time and couldn’t have stepped into this venture without.”

The launch of Sage Paul will also feature work by local Toronto artists, in addition to food and beverage, dancing, and music. The event is by guest list only; to attend the launch and obtain further information, please contact

Sage Paul creates timeless pieces, entrusting men and women with looks that are chic, bold and nostalgic. Look forward to the reveal of the labels basics collection Cardigan in the early new year and its 2012 Fall/Winter Collection, both currently in development.


Media and images:

Sage Paul
+1 416 459 8280

A Launch

Dear colleagues, friends, family and world!

Welcome to my new site – my temporary attempt at having a small presence online prior to the official launch of my label, Sage Paul. I’m excited to announce the celebration will take place on August 5, 8PM at  Oz Studios (134 Ossington Ave).

The launch will feature a small end of summer women’s collection, where models will lounge in a kitschy, romantic setting with you – I’ll get to the details of the designs in a later release tomorrow. Photography and jewelry by local designers and artists will complement the show-offs, and of course music, dancing, food and drinks. Announcements about the future of the label, Sage Paul, will include news about its website (this one), its upcoming Cardigan Collection and its 2012 Fall/Winter Collection, for men and women.

The launch is guest-list only, so please contact to have yourself and your guest added.  I look forward to seeing you!