(CBC TORONTO) WHERE I’M FROM Indigenous artist Sage Paul’s childhood in Gabriel Dumont laid the foundation for her work today

Sage Paul remembers her years at Gabriel Dumont, an Indigenous non-profit housing complex in Scarborough, in two very different ways.

On the one hand, it was the setting of her carefree childhood, where she was immersed in her Aboriginal culture and enveloped by the protection of a tight-knit community.

Today, through the experienced eyes of an adult, she recognizes it was a “rough” place where violence and addiction permeated the neighbourhood.


My Pocahontas

mid-90s Pocahontas Nightgown, felt, .11 delica beads

A performative-style project deconstructing and reconstructing the image of Disney’s Pocahontas on my terms. I cut out and gave away patches from my nightie, asking those who lovingly accepted to tag the image in their social media feeds to build a distorted, digital quilt of Pocahontas with the hashtags #mypocahontas and #sagepaul (btw, you should check out the feeds of #mypocahontas).

As a part of “The Mending Lounge” at Craft Ontario, their statement of my work:

“Sage Pal is cutting her well-worn, childhood nightie into patches. In this poignant act, she reconstructs the image of Pocahontas through tradition and technology as she beads the cloth fragments and sends them physically and digitally into the world.”



Tote Bag Art Project – Setsuné & imagineNATIVE Partner

Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator and imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival are excited to partner on a new project! We are seeking rad visual art to print on imagineNATIVE’s 400 delegate tote bags that, for you, says: “gathering” or “meeting place.” We are calling out to all young, Canadian Indigenous women artists (16-35) to pitch their artwork to print on these 2015 Festival tote bags. Continue reading “Tote Bag Art Project – Setsuné & imagineNATIVE Partner”

New Projects, new year, and a personal recount of getting here

Life is full of ups and downs. I’m not the first one to say it, nor will I be the last, but I say it because I have metaphorically finally been able to come up for some air and breathe, and stay there! I accredit that to giving myself time to breathe. Taking time off to take care of myself, which was surprisingly  difficult. Continue reading “New Projects, new year, and a personal recount of getting here”

Strawberry Girls

2014 Spring Collection

The Strawberry Girls Spring Collection is my third collection and a reminisce of my Berry Fast. The Berry Fast is a coming-of-age ceremony to learn the teachings, importance and responsibilities of being a woman – an important acknowledgement because sometimes I long for those days of being a kid, and sometimes I still feel like a kid.

I was thirteen when I began my fast. I was still running around in my shorts and tee’s, playing baseball and other field games. To start the fast we went to a farm just north of the city to pick berries. Continue reading “Strawberry Girls”