authentic appropriations: street style
(Deandra “Beaudee” Wells/Blackfoot/Calgary)
Who: Make-Up Artist (@deandracourtney)
Where: 401 Richmond Building, Toronto
Why: Going to Sovereign Acts curated by Wanda Nanibush
When: Apr. 18, 2012

get the look ($80)
Camel Handkerchief Hem Cardigan: Voluptuous Clothing ($30)
Black Tiered Dress: H&M ($20)
Gold Triangle Mesh Earrings: Gift from Actor Justin Manyfingers (@justinmanyf)
Black Sequin Flats with Tie: Le Chateau ($30)

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The Authentic Appropriations blog explores current fashion trends of urban Indigenous people. In an attempt to challenge stereotypical imagery, the blog features the innovative styling of men and women from various Indigenous nations; Authentic Appropriations presents Indigenous people as we are today.

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