Jenifer Rudski

Animal Gallery

authentic appropriations: street style
(jenifer rudski-bonnetplume/tetlit gwich’en/toronto)

Who: Yoga teacher and Stand Up Paddle Board instructor.
Where: Toronto Free Gallery
Why: Community Fundraiser
When: Jan. 2012

Tiger Print Scarf: Friend-of-a-friend (Clothing Swap)
3/4 Black TeeAmerican Apparel ($40)
Studded BeltAldo ($40 – sale)
Skinny Jeans: London Jeans ($unknown – purchased years ago)
Over-knee Flat Boots: Town Shoes ($300)

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The Authentic Appropriations blog explores current fashion trends and expressions from the urban Indigenous community. In an attempt to challenge stereotypical imagery, the blog features the innovative styling of men and women from various Indigenous nations; Authentic Appropriations presents Indigenous people as we are today.

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